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This is a video review of the FastSize penis extender. Please view the website for more information.

Generalized transcript of video:
I want to welcome you to A lot of you visited and asked a lot of questions, and I’ll place those up on the website, but perhaps I can illustrate some of these questions and answers in this video for you. Now what you see right away is the FastSize Extender. Several months ago I ordered this, and it (the box/extender) just comes in this plain [shipping] box, nothing fancy, discreet, and it’s a nice case.

*Opens up box*
Here’s everything that comes in it. Hopefully you can see this. You’ve got the part that connects to the head of your penis. The base of the unit right here…the extension rods that you also get…get plenty of extension rods depending of how far along you are in the process. You also get this padding. The padding helps quite a bit. Without it, I really don’t quite like it. Some people just use the silicone tubing, but it’s just not as comfortable, and it kind of restricts the head of the penis, and it helps a lot if you have the padding. That’s basically what you get. You also get more silicone tubes. I don’t see any reason you would be going through that many so quickly, but they do give them to you, so that’s a good thing. They also give you an instruction manual in different languages. There’s also a DVD or CD. I haven’t looked at it much, but it’s there if you want to look at that.

*Handling FastSize Penis Extender*
It’s going to come somewhat preassembled, with the first extension rods on already. If you need to put more on, if you’re a little bit longer, you just screw the extension rods right in on each side of course, and then you connect the head (harness) unit on. What makes this whole system work is the springs in the lower portion of these extension rods that put constant force on the penis. You can see that when I push down, they push right back due to these springs. You can adjust how much tension by the rods but also by twisting the lower portion of the rods.


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Penistec est l’extenseur pénien le plus révolutionnaire qui n’ait jamais été inventé. Le seul qui puisse faire grossir le pénis jusqu’à 15% et l’allonger jusqu’à 25 cm (2 à 3 centimètres dans une période de six mois). Super discret et Le seul qui ne soit pas détectable par des portes de sécurité.


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